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16 Jan

MLK – The Role of San Francisco in the ‘60s Civil Rights Movement

With its racially diverse population and long-standing spirit of activism, it’s no surprise the Bay Area figured prominently in the nationwide civil rights movement during the 1960s. As we prepare to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day here in San Francisco—and we invite you to call Tilden Hotel your home here for the occasion—let’s take […]

14 Nov

Green Initiatives & Sustainability At Tilden Hotel

Here at Tilden Hotel, we’re committed to lightening our footprint on this beautiful and fragile planet of ours even while supplying our guests with the very best boutique hospitality San Francisco has to offer. Sustainability is extremely important to us, and we’re always striving to make our operations greener. Here’s a quick look at some […]

19 Jun

Tilden Celebrates Pride

The last weekend of June in San Francisco sees the nation’s largest gathering of the LGBTQ community and its supporters, and here at Tilden Hotel we’re happy to join the celebration! If you’ll be in town for the San Francisco Pride Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Parade & Celebration this year, we invite you to call Tilden your […]

17 May

Experience the Idea of Minimalism at the Tilden Hotel

Have you seen Marie Kondo’s series on Netflix? Tidying Up with Marie Kondo followed the best-selling author to homes across the country as she shared her secrets for creating a home that “sparks joy.” Her ideas of cleaning and organizing personal belongings echoed the ideas of The Minimalists, a pair of authors who have been […]

11 Nov

A Brief History of Tilden Hotel

Opened in 1928 Originally built as the Linden Hotel in 1928, it was renamed the Hotel Mark Twain during the Great Depression. The name changed again with another owner but soon returned back to the Hotel Mark Twain. The name was inspired by the iconic writer, humorist, entrepreneur, publisher, and lecturer. In 1864 Mark Twain […]

9 Nov

The Art of Tilden

The Tilden Hotel’s Art Inspiration Collaborations with Local and Worldwide Artists, Designers, and Brands Establishing itself as part of a community fiercely tied to the arts, The Tilden is dedicated to supporting local artists in various ways, while looking to artwork as the lifeblood of the property. All guestrooms, along with four large-scale originals in […]