Green Initiatives & Sustainability At Tilden Hotel

Here at Tilden Hotel, we’re committed to lightening our footprint on this beautiful and fragile planet of ours even while supplying our guests with the very best boutique hospitality San Francisco has to offer. Sustainability is extremely important to us, and we’re always striving to make our operations greener.

Here’s a quick look at some of the initiatives we’ve implemented at Tilden to that end!

Greener Guest Rooms at Tilden Hotel

The rooms at Tilden include complimentary Malin + Goetz toiletries, but not in the small plastic bottles so many hotels still use. Instead, we supply these products in pumping dispensers that help cut down on the planet’s overload of plastic waste.

The Kurig coffee pods available in our Tilden guest rooms are biodegradable. PathWater, meanwhile, supplies the bottled water we stock in reusable aluminum bottles rather than single-use plastic, and furthermore PathWater donates a portion of the sale of each bottle to non-profit environmental organizations.

Our linen and towel protocol, meanwhile, is aimed at water conservation, something we encourage all of our guests to consider.

Cleaning Products

All of the cleaning products we use at Tilden Hotel are biodegradable: part of our commitment to our home watershed.

Recycling & Composting

At Tilden, we follow a hotel-wide recycling and composting program to reduce unnecessary waste on every front.

Hotel Lighting

In 2017, we replaced all of our lighting at Tilden Hotel with energy-efficient installations.

Landscaping at Tilden Hotel

Our outdoor landscaping at Tilden is centered around drought-tolerant vegetation: plantlife well adapted to the Bay Area’s Mediterranean climate. This significantly cuts down on water usage.


Sustainability at Tilden Hotel: An Ongoing Effort

We haven’t outlined the sustainability efforts here at Tilden Hotel to toot our own horn, but rather to emphasize our genuine commitment to the environment and spread awareness about the importance of green practices in the hospitality practice (and everywhere else in modern life). Even the smallest changes to infrastructure or practices, such as switching out light bulbs to more energy-efficient alternatives or eschewing plastic bottles, can ramify over time to a significantly more sustainable model.


We know many of our Tilden Hotel guests are just as environmentally attuned as we are, and we’re certainly proud to be part of a metropolitan area that takes sustainability, environmental protection, and related matters seriously. Here’s to greater environmental consciousness and a greener future all around!