Business Travel Tips

Inside Business Travel Tips From Tilden Hotel

Given our downtown location, our sophisticated boutique setup, and our fantastic amenities and service, it’s no surprise Tilden Hotel welcomes so many business travelers here in San Francisco.

To help you get ready for your next business trip, here are some miscellaneous tips we’ve rounded up for making your travels as streamlined and hassle-free as possible!

Go the Carry-on Route

While it forces you to be a bit more strategic and even minimalist in your packing, restricting yourself to a carry-on bag limits the chance of luggage getting lost in the shuffle (and also makes you that much lighter and fleeter on your feet).

Arm Yourself With a Hard Copy of Your Itinerary

Of course, you’ve got your travel details and trip schedule at your fingertips on your smartphone and laptop, but what if you find yourself out of juice and temporarily unable to charge, or—heavens forbid—you break or lose your gadgets? You’ll be happy you printed out the essential information as a backup reference, that’s for sure.

Consider Travel-ready Duplicates of Essential Items

As Kristina Portillo notes in this Business Travel Life post, it’s a great idea to buy travel versions of certain daily essentials—cellphone charger, headphones, certain toiletry items—and keep them stowed and ready to go in your luggage so you don’t have to worry about forgetting them.

Non-stop is Always Better

Investing a little more time (and often a little more money) to find a non-stop flight for your trip pays off: Layovers bloat your travel schedule and can (as any frequent traveler knows) completely wear you out by the end of the journey.

Pack Gym Clothes

Squeezing in a workout during your business trip not only provides some much-needed exercise during a jampacked stretch of traveling, meetings, and the like, but also can help you de-stress and combat the malaise of jetlag.

Stick to Your Normal Routine

Another tip Portillo offers in Business Travel Life is adhering as much as you can to your typical at-home habits on a business trip. Sticking to your normal mealtimes, exercise routine, etc. minimizes the physical and cognitive disruption and the stress that travel so often engenders.

Enjoy the Perfect Boutique Home Base on a San Francisco Business Trip at Tilden

You’ll love our location, services, and all-around vibe here at Tilden Hotel, the perfect luxury accommodations for a San Francisco business trip. Keep the above advice in mind as you lock down your travel plans!