Experience the Idea of Minimalism at the Tilden Hotel

Have you seen Marie Kondo’s series on Netflix? Tidying Up with Marie Kondo followed the best-selling author to homes across the country as she shared her secrets for creating a home that “sparks joy.” Her ideas of cleaning and organizing personal belongings echoed the ideas of The Minimalists, a pair of authors who have been touring the country in recent years sharing their experiences of paring down their items to find more value in their lives. Minimalism has been on the minds of everyone lately, but you may be asking yourself, “Where do I begin?”

Let our hotel provide the inspiration and experience you need to embrace and enjoy minimalism in art, design, and as a lifestyle.

Minimalism in Art

Thought leaders like Marie Kondo and The Minimalists present minimalism as a lifestyle. But minimalism was not always about sparking joy or finding value in the items in your house. Before minimalism was to clean and organize, it was an art movement.


Minimalism grew out of Abstract Expressionism in the 1940s and 1950s. Minimalist works may only have one or two colors on a canvas, or simple geometric designs as the subject. Mark Rothko, Pablo Picasso, and Marcel Duchamp all include elements of minimalism in their work.


Minimalism is still an influence in art today. When you visit the Tilden, you may recognize the influence of this movement in the art you see on the walls. Our Tilden Tuesday Art events are a staple at the Tilden; come visit and appreciate the art that this beautiful and influential city has to offer.

Tilden Tuesday Art

Minimalism in Design

Minimalist art is not limited to visual art. Minimalist movements have existed in music, architecture, and other types of design. The masterminds behind the Tilden used their own interpretations of minimalism to create a refined and modern atmosphere for our guests. After a long day on the busy streets of San Francisco, our guests arrive at our door with a calm sigh of relief and a smile. Conde Nast Traveller recently honored Tilden Hotel as one of The 15 Most Beautiful Hotel Lobbies Around The World.

One of the most refreshing elements of minimalism is the addition of our open spaces. Bright, airy and minimalistic modern in design, the 118 room Tilden Hotel is a refreshing respite from the urban life. Tilden Hotel has been named a winner for best midscale public space in Hospitality Design Magazine’s 15th annual HD Awards, the industry’s premier competition, which celebrates the best in hospitality project and product design. The design was led by interior design firm, Studio Tack.


Our spacious backyard offers a stunning location for kicking your feet up or practicing meditation. Meditation and minimalism go hand in hand; they create a more mindful existence that brings more value to the experiences or things in front of you. With the backyard’s simple and elegant setup, anyone can explore meditation and bringing themselves into the present moment.

The Backyard - Tilden Hotel

The Backyard – Tilden Hotel

Guests can also request access to our rooftop for meditation or other mindfulness events. Take some time to explore our hotel and find an area that “sparks joy” for you.

Rooftop Penthouse View from Patio

Rooftop Penthouse

Minimalism in Itinerary

As you start to develop a minimalist mindset, you will start to focus less on things and more on experiences. This is a mindset that Americans have already started to embrace, and not just millennials. A recent study by Luxury Travel Advisor revealed that 74% of Americans prioritize and save for experiences over owning “things.”


Your trip to the Tilden creates exciting opportunities to experience San Francisco in many ways. Art museums and the city’s best restaurants are within walking distance of our location. Take a stroll through Union Square, Yerba Buena Gardens, or down by the waterfront. Our team at the front desk can also provide a list of experiences and hotspots to visit during your stay.


The Tilden offers an elegant space for you to renew your focus on what matters and step back into your everyday life with a more mindful and minimalist perspective. Book a stay with us and see what this minimalism craze is all about!