The Vision For Our Boutique Hotel in San Francisco

Honoring The City's History and Future With Organic Sensibility

The Tilden Union Square, reinterprets ideas of minimalism with a refined sense of composure instilled in every space, from the residential-inspired lobby, lively restaurant and bar, The Douglas Room, and relaxed, sophisticated guestrooms. Exemplifying effortless elegance and organic appeal, Tilden is a timeless San Francisco hotel located steps to Union Square.

About The Downtown District of San Francisco

A Rich History and Bright Future

Walking distance to Union Square, The Tilden stands amidst an eclectic neighborhood and creatively-driven San Franciscans. Today, Downtown San Francisco remains a hub for artists and musicians displaying the city's historic grit. Embracing a new wave of artists, galleries, restaurants, bars, cafes, and an influx of new development and activity, Union Square is set in the heart of the Downtown district, within walking distance of some of San Francisco's other exciting neighborhoods, including Nob Hill, Russian Hill, SoMa, and Hayes Valley.

Tilden Hotel Art Program & Tilden Tuesdays

Feed the Soul

Tilden Hotel was named after Douglas Tilden, the sculptor who created the Ball Player in Golden Gate Park, Admission Day, Mechanic’s Monument, and many more.

In that spirit, we created a Tilden Tuesday event series. We are currently on our third event. The first two featured great artists, Allen Ellison, Tan Sirinuman, poet Jesse James Johnson, and others.  

Our August event features Janet Williams. Janet has been making art since before she could talk and her brother gave her some paint to create with. Following some formal education in Ireland, she has been taking photographs professionally since 2010, and moved to San Francisco in 2016 to live the colorful and nourishing life she dreamed she could have in California. She works as the program manager for Hospitality House’s Community Arts Program, the only free of charge art studio in San Francisco where they assist anyone who wishes to access the power of art and self-expression but may not have the financial means to do so.

"I love getting lost in things; music, dancing, conversation, photography, nature. That feeling when time stretches out long and the rest of the world fades into nothing important. Accessing this feeling directs my life choices and drives my passion to share it with others.

We are all artists

MINDSCAPES, an Exhibition.

N. Mental landscape or inner vision. The range of a person's thoughts and imagination regarded as a panorama capable of being contemplated by another person;

Take a deep breath, inhale one sip more. Now let it go.

This series of photographs range from various adventures to Burning Man to daily San Franciscan scenes observed, all places I have gotten lost and found something.

It also includes self-portraits, Rorschach-style ink blots, and excerpts of personal poetry collaged together to make my own personal mindscape.

I aim to be vulnerable and give something of myself I’ve never let out, in letting it out I hope it makes space for others to explore their own internal mindscape.

The mind is like The Grand Canyon, the surface easy to see but there is depth to the valleys and cracks which light never can reach unless you climb in

San Francisco, is a mecca for artists and creative expression. Tilden Hotel is committed to not only engaging with the community, but also in helping shine a light on the diverse artists that live here. We want to provide a space for thought and respectful discussion where diversity is embraced without judgment.

Tilden hotel could not do this without the support of the local community and our Tilden Art Committee. One of our partners is Hospitality House. Since 1969, Hospitality House's Community Arts Program has provided a free-of-charge fine arts studio for local artists whose socioeconomic struggles would otherwise prevent them from accessing the power of art and the benefits of being part of a supportive community. Each year, more than 3,500 artists access the program

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