Podcast: A Conversation With Jackie Kelley, Group Sales Manager

Stephen Yang is the managing member and co-founder of Yang Capital LLC. and creator of Point Hospitality Group. Point Hospitality Group manages a growing portfolio of hotels, including Tilden Hotel in San Franciso.


Stephen’s success comes from a life philosophy that goes beyond business accomplishments. He sets personal goals to help enrich the quality of his life and those around him by living mindfully and embracing community, spirituality, and wellness. In that spirit, we explore others in these conversions and get to know more about some of the lives that ultimately connect us all. Through this, we are enriched and further connected.


In a series of podcast episodes, Stephen engages in intimate conversations with some of the driving forces making Tilden Hotel into one of the best boutique hotels in San Francisco.  Get to know Jackie Kelley sales manager for Point Hospitality Group. Jackie is a 3rd generation San Francisco native. She comes from a family of restauranteurs and attributes her love for hospitality to her parents, uncles and extended family. Jackie worked in all of her families’ restaurants at all levels doing whatever was needed. On October 17th 1989, when San Francisco was struck with one of the most devastating earthquakes in history, Jackie alongside her Great Uncle Joe Nucatola, made hundreds and of sandwiches for the PG&E workers while they worked tirelessly getting San Francisco put back together. “I have dedicated my life to hospitality and will continue to do so.”


Live recording of the podcast session at The Douglas Room in the Tilden Hotel.