Your Cocktail-and-Hoagie Hookup in the Tenderloin

We know what you’ve been thinking. It’s really time somebody around here showed a little damn commitment to hoagies. Well, think no more, because here’s the Douglas Room, a new hotel-anchored bar. Unlike their other hidden spots, this one’s pretty easy to find: just stroll in through the lobby of the newly renovated Tilden Hotel. Or the outdoor entrance that’s marked separately with (gasp) a sign. Next you’ll lead your accompanying friend/date/coworker up to the gorgeous cherrywood bar. Proceed to marvel together at the copper-leaf-coated, distressed and tchotchke-adorned walls, and note that this place feels both new (which it is) yet still like the homey neighborhood haunt you’ve been dreaming of (which is what they were going for)… by Joe Starkey