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The San Francisco Bay Area, is a mecca for artists and creative expression. Tilden Hotel is committed to not only engaging with the community, but also in helping shine a light on the emerging artists that live here. We want to provide a space for thought and respectful discussion where diversity is embraced without judgment.
Tilden Hotel was named after Douglas Tilden, the sculptor who created the Ball Player in Golden Gate Park, Admission Day, Mechanic’s Monument, and many more. In that spirit we created a Tilden Tuesday event series with the following goals:

  • Spotlight one local Artist and their work for eight weeks in the Tilden lobby
  • Hold an opening Reception on Tilden Tuesday to present the Artist and their work
  • Receptions will be held on the first Tuesday of every-other-month and will feature all forms of artistic expression such as music, poetry, dance, etc.
  • Provide exposure to local Artists and expand their opportunities to engage with other community members and visitors
  • Display selected artwork in lobby and facilitate sales with 100% of proceeds to Artist
  • Enhance the experience of Tilden guests by giving them the occasion to interact with the diverse members of the Tenderloin and broaden their understanding of the neighborhood

Tilden hotel could not do this without the support of the local community and our Tilden Art Committee. One of our partners is Hospitality House. Since 1969, Hospitality House’s Community Arts Program has provided a free-of-charge fine arts studio for local artists whose socioeconomic struggles would otherwise prevent them from accessing the power of art and the benefits of being part of a supportive community. Each year, more than 3,500 artists access the program

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Tilden Tuesday Art Event

Save The Date
Tuesday, February 5
5pm to 8pm

+ Art Exhibition by our next featured artist
+ Live Entertainment
+ Complimentary Small Bites & Beverages

Free and open to all, the night features live music and complimentary small bites and beverages crafted by The Douglas Room, the hotel’s signature speakeasy-style bar. In a dedicated commitment to shine a light on San Francisco’s spirited creativity and engaging community, the featured artist’s art will be displayed in the lobby for eight weeks, providing a space for thought and respectful discussion for hotel guests and locals alike.

Tilden Student Art Wall

Previous Featured Artists

December: Mike Gosbee
Mike Gosbee’s art will be displayed in the lobby for eight weeks, providing a space for thought and respectful discussion for hotel guests and locals alike. Inspired by the Dada art movement, Gosbee is drawn to abstract pieces for the process in which he finds the beauty in chance configurations, the overlooked layers and its complexity. Gosbee creates ceramics and collages of rearranged ripped and cut paper.

October: Chris Cook
Cook is a multi-talented artist and musician who works in a variety of mediums, including textile screen-printing, decoupage, mural painting and electronic-based installations. He is heavily involved in the San Francisco art scene and works regularly with several non-profit organizations such as The Central City SRO Collaboration (CCSRO) and CounterPulse.
August: Janet Williams
Williams’ Mindscapes is a series of photographs that range from various adventures at Burning Man to daily San Franciscan scenes observed. It also includes self-portraits, Rorschach-style ink blots and excerpts of personal poetry collaged together to make a personal mindscape.
June: Tan Sirinuman with poetry by Jesse James Johnson
Originally from Thailand, Sirinumas combines poetry, photography and sculpture to create three-dimensional designs, which articulate the meeting of San Francisco architecture and nature, and the poetry of personal history and memory, layered with his immense love for his home in San Francisco.
April: Allen Ellison
Ellison helped launch the Tilden Hotel Art Program as the first showcased artist with works focused on digital photography of highly experimental portraits, cityscapes and abstract photographs (water, smoke, bubbles, etc.). Live entertainment provided by Sebastian Pereschica a local oboist.